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 what is phoenix crypto

Phoenix Crypto is a team of trusted specialist Crypto Traders providing high quality trading analysis and signals. We don’t just provide signals, we also are completely transparent with our analysis with the aim of helping to educate our members with the goal of helping them to improve as traders.

In addition, Phoenix Crypto use automated market scanners to automatically detect potential trading opportunities across a significant portion of the Crypto market. These go well beyond what an individual could do themselves and ensure that our members don’t miss any opportunities to be profitable.

Why Phoenix Crypto


Experienced Team

Our team of experienced Crypto Traders knows how to navigate the often turbulent and volatile markets and know how to exploit them to our advantage.

Easy to Follow

Our signals are easy to understand and they all have entry price, take profit targets and stop loss to minimise your risk


We have an 85-90% accuracy rate which helps you to beat the market and grow your portfolio

Full Automation

We don’t just automate the execution of the trade, we automate the detection of trading opportunities across the market.

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We encourage the sharing and pooling of knowledge and insight from across our community.

Automated Trading

We don’t just automate the execution of the trade, we automate the detection of trading opportunities across the market. We are constantly adding new coins and refining the trade detection to improve accuracy and ultimately profitability.

signals per day

% Win Rate

Market Alerts

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To make you more knowledgeable about the Crypto market and trading
Helping you avoid the common mistakes and to minimize trading losses

Providing you the best and most accurate trading signals in the market

Helping you be a profitable and successful Crypto trader

Risk Management Strategy & Guidance

We have automated alerts that detect potential market dumps

We use carefully defined stop losses and take profits to enable your trades to be conducted safely.

Finding trades so you don’t have to

Phoenix Crypto has an advanced set of alerts which trigger for a vast range of criteria across multiple coins and based off a variety of criteria. These help with the detection of more potential trade opportunities and can be used as additional confirmations in your own trading.

Our automated signals have a win rate of 89%


Our plans


After getting heavily burned this year I’ve been learning all aspects of the markets from the best people I can find. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in crypto for over 2 years, done several courses now, joined and quit a variety of memberships, and think I’ve seen the best around. While I’m still not heavily day-trading yet I can already see the value here. The signals while plentiful have some real value and it’s not hard to see which are stronger than others and which to use for confluence. Andy seems sound, the social has a nice vibe, plus valuable signals. I imagine this will be one of my (very few) keepers. Cheers Andy, I’ve learned a bunch already


“I think everyone who came to this trade market got burned sooner or later, and that’s what happened to me. Tbh I happened to visit groups 3-4, and in one of them I saw screenshots of the profit from and decided to write to him how he does it. After he invited me to the group, without hesitation, I joined the group, looked at TA on YouTube and it was very interesting to me, I was inspired by the strategy that Andy tells, nothing was clear to me, but everything that was said was to my liking. There is a very cool atmosphere in this group, no aggressive trading here like I was met before, Andy has created a very good atmosphere in this group who also think the same, will help, advise, support you. For me this is a kind of FAMILY of crypto traders, and I really appreciate it  Hope I will also understand the TA soon and join your discussions Thanks a lot to everyone!

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