About us
The Phoenix Crypto Story
Phoenix Crypto was founded by Andy Lee. Having started out in Crypto like many others, he made lots of quick gains only to lose them just as quickly and more! He found the information in Crypto was scattered everywhere and there was lots of misinformation and poor quality groups providing support. Signal Providers were inconsistent with some as low as 50% accuracy and some costing several thousand dollars a month!

 Having established himself as a successful and profitable trader, Andy wanted to achieve two things: build a stronger community who shared information so others avoided so many of the common mistakes made trading and to find ways to make it easier for new traders to become profitable!

Andy also felt it was possible to reliably automate the detection of possible trades across the market simultaneously which would be impossible for any individual to do themselves. Now, over 150 signals are provided per month with even more coins being added continuously. This now augments the careful analysis that is done.